July 20, 2017

Can I Quote You On That?

It’s so easy to shop for auto insurance these days.  You just go to a site, plug in your needs and let them do all the work for you.  “Back in the day” we had to call around and see who had the best rates (tiresome, and time consuming), get a quote, and then make the big decision on which company to go with.  Or, you asked your family and friends who they recommended.  You can whine all you like about computers and the Internet, but getting auto insurance quotes online is so much easier these days.

Someone rear-ended us on March 15th this year and I’m so glad we escaped unscathed with no damage.  We have car insurance, but you never know if the “other guy” has any.



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A Seattle Adventure With Mom

Adventures With Mom

To be honest, I can’t remember for sure what year it was, but sometime between 1983 and 1987 my mom and I embarked on a special trip to Seattle.

In my school years we had gone there many times on the Greyhound bus (you know, back when it was more safe and they were cleaner) to visit my grandparents that lived in an apartment on Spring Street.

In fact, one time Mom and I took a notion to ride over from Seattle to Bremerton on the ferry. While we were in the waiting area I decided to take a look at the various travel brochures in order to kill some time. I turned around just in time to see a man gently guiding my mom off to some other part of the ferry terminal! I didn’t even have time to think, I just took a few quick strides over to Mom’s other arm and said, “Where are you going?” She said the guy wanted to ‘show her something‘. I don’t even want to think about what that something was!  My mom was obviously very trusting. I knew from that moment on that our roles were reversing and I would be looking out for her just as much as she did for me.

At the Mayflower Park Hotel

Back to the original story though. In the 1980’s period I mentioned, I was probably in my mid-30’s so that would make Mom in her 50’s. I thought she was old at the time, but now that I’m going to turn 59 this year, she was just a spring chicken. 🙂

Mom and I had planned our visit to Seattle because she wanted to go back to see her parent’s old home on Queen Anne Hill just one more time.  I was reluctant, but she insisted, and so that was the main goal for one of our days.


We were staying at the Mayflower Park Hotel on this visit, and we enjoyed our room with the old tile work and porcelain fixtures in the bathroom. It was like being transported back in time to my mom’s era when she was a young woman living in Seattle. We even treated ourselves to a morning ritual of tea and coffee with rolls brought by room service. I never knew what a hottel of tea was before that trip! Did you know they’re called a hottle?


If you look at the rooms for the hotel now, they seem bright and cheery, but I remember them as dark and cozy, with sounds of traffic and pedestrians hustling to and from work wafting up to our seventh floor room. My memory is always connected to aromas and smells too, and since this was before the hotel was completely remodeled, it had the air of old wood, a slight mustiness, and that mysterious sweet smell that conjures up visions in the mind of romantic liasons or secret rendezvous.

Another Two Ride The Bus

Mom convinced me that she knew the bus routes and which one to take, so after a nice breakfast in the hotel cafe, we hopped on the city bus and set out for 2466 4th North.  I thought we were just going to go look at the house and then come back on the bus, but as it turned out the owners were having a new bathtub installed that day and the workers were hauling it in through the upstairs window. Mom, bold woman that she was, went to the door and explained that the house had belonged to her parents at one time and that she had been married there in front of the marble fireplace in the living room. (This was all news to me!).

Astonishingly, they let us in and Mom and I made a quick dash up the stairs to her old room. She must have been in nostalgia heaven that day as she walked around the rooms and thought of happy times there. She related stories from the 1940’s that included Mrs. Silverstone, a lady that my grandma Eppie (Lillian Vera Epstein Moline) had worked for as a private nurse. Mrs. Silverstone had even attended the wedding of my parents on February 5, 1944.  At the time, I think it was all lost on me, the significance of being in the home where my mom and dad got married, her days of waiting for letters home from my dad when he was in New Caledonia, but I’m so glad I made that trip down memory lane with my mom. I know it made her very happy at the time. Thanks Mom! I miss you!


Joan Moline Yates


Olympia Motorcycle Club Enduro circa 1938

Thurston County Motorcycle History

Years ago I put together a shadow box for my parents of Yates memorabilia that included WWI and WWII medals for my grandfather Will Yates and my dad, William Gale Yates respectively. In that shadow box was included a little bit of Olympia Motorcycle Club history.

Olympia Motorcycle Club

My dad isn’t in the above photo because I believe he took the picture, hence the Y shown predominantly in the lower corner of the shot. I am also sorry to say that I can’t precisely date the year it was taken. The accompanying newspaper article was clipped from a page and no date was written on it either.

My dad was born in 1920, so it’s possible this photo could have been taken in 1938, 1939, 1940, or even in 1941. If someone knows motorcycles and can see anything in this photo that would identify a year, please let me know. I’m not sure the photo above even goes with the article. It might just be some of the guys my dad rode with at another time.

Olympia Motorcycle Club Article

The Newspaper Article About the Enduro Contest


Dave Nourse, Seattle, American Motorcycle Association, captured the Enduro run Sunday sponsored by the Olympia Motorcycle Club. The 250-mile run was over logging trails, abandoned roads and other difficult routes through Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz counties, starting and finishing at Littlerock. Fred Travis, Seattle, was a passenger with Nourse. The winner had a score of 872 out of a possible perfect mark of 1000.

Red Farwell, Tacoma Motorcycle Club, took second with a score of 853; Gale Yates, Olympia Motorcycle Club, third with 802 and Gus Peterson, Lewis County Motorcycle Club was the only other motorcycle entry to finish. His score was 607. Kenneth Knutson was a passenger of Peterson’s. Eight started the contest.

Nourse is a former Ohio State Enduro champion in the expert class.  The race here Sunday marked his first since coming west and his 13th in all.  The contest was the first sanctioned endurance event staged in the northwest this year.


William Gale Yates 1934


William Gale Yates 1939

(He forged his dad’s signature to buy this Harley)

Webduck is back! Did You Miss Me?

Our trip to California was great, but it seemed a bit too short. Probably not for my husband, who did all the driving to Anaheim and back to Port Orchard, but I am sure he thinks the days went by quickly too. If you have been following this blog, we left on December 22 and planned to stay in a motel near Disneyland for four days while we spent the holidays with our son and his family.

It’s hard to believe we crammed so much into those few days, but we did! We drove to Oroville, CA to have a short visit with my aunt and uncle who live in that city, and then got up early the next morning and continued on to Anaheim. We got into our hotel room in the early evening, and then wended our way to the kid’s place. Monday, the 24th was mostly a day of rest and preparation for the “big day” on Christmas.? I had baked cookies and stuff at home, so we sampled goodies and just got to ‘know’ the grand-kids all over again. We had just seen them in July, but it was just for a day or two, and we didn’t get much one-on-one time with them.

Christmas morning dawned bright and early, and windy. We arrived in a gale brought to our doorsteps by the good ol’ Santa Ana winds. Our previously well-combed coifs became bed heads in a hurry! We all gathered at Greg and Jenn’s for gift opening and a breakfast of eggs and linguisa. (Jenn’s mother’s heritage is Portuguese, hence the sausage; it’s their tradition to have it on Christmas). Garrett and Katrina were all smiles and ‘thank you’s’? that morning, and I think they were very happy with everything that they opened. At ages 6 and 7, it is fun to witness the genuine wonder and mystery that is Santa’s visit and their un-jaded reactions to the thought put towards the gifts they received.

Our big gift to them all was a day at Disneyland, which didn’t come off quite as we had planned. It seems that everyone else on earth (and maybe some other inhabited planets) had decided that December 27th was a good day to visit Disneyland too! The skies were clear and sunny, but the temps were in the low 60’s. That brought out the crowds and made for a bit of a disappointing day for the grand-kids. We did get to go on one ride: Star Wars, but all the others had like an hour and a half wait or more. We did get to go on the riverboat cruise, and the jungle cruise, as well as the merry-go-round, but no others. That day happened to be our son’s 36th birthday too. We had never been able to take him to Disneyland when he was younger. Better late than never, eh? :grin:

You would have laughed to see me on the Star Wars ride. It isn’t really a ‘ride’ per se, but with the animation on the screen and the seats jostled around you feel like you are in outer space. Of course, I wouldn’t know because I closed my eyes through most of it. We had just eaten breakfast before going to the park, and when those seats started gyrating, I closed my eyes and held on tight to the arms of my seat. I didn’t want to hurl as I hurled through fake space.? :mrgreen:

We had gotten there at around 10 AM and we were all tired and ready to leave by 3 PM. I had a very hard time walking around because of my fibromyalgia, and I will either have to rent a wheel chair next time, or not go there with everyone else. Yeah, like I would do that. ?:wink:

All in all, it was a good trip and we had a very nice time just visiting with our kids, grand-kids and Greg’s in-laws.? This is just a condensed version of the trip, and I hope to include pictures and other anecdotes in the next day or so.

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