Cellophane chicken marinated vegetables recipe under the video ⬇this

Ingredients:Chicken 600 g Rice noodles 1 upakovketabl Bulgarian Zucchini 1 piece large 1 piece Carrots 2 pieces Onion 1 piece Green onions-2-3 Vetoshkina 4 cloves Rosemary 2-3 sprigs of spice for Korean carrot, 2 St soevy sauce 4-5 tbsp teriyaki Sauce 3 tbsp Sesame oil spray 2-3 precaucasus Apple 2 tbsp chili Pepper ( ground) 1 tea spoon Method of preparation:To start, boil in boiling water rice noodles (2-3 minutes ) ,then rinse cooked noodles with cold water and allow to drain the liquid sent into a deep Cup. Prepare ingredients for cooking,clean chicken from nerves and membranes and cut into thin strips. Cut onion into thin half-rings,squeezing the garlic.In the pan pour oil heat it and pour onion, fry until Golden brown, add garlic fry for another couple of minutes and add the meat,cook another 5-6 minutes add 1 Cup of boiled water and rosemary. Once water is evaporated add soy sauce, teriyaki ( when dobavlyaetsya try to taste as you like or much less layered) and spices for Korean carrot, all mix well and cook until Golden brown,cooked meat while ostavljam to the side.Pepper cut into fine strips,the carrots peeled and cut into thin strips.Kabachok also peeled and using the vegetables clean and cut into slices ,then those slices cut into strips. Put the prepared vegetables in a deep bowl,add soy sauce 1 tbsp ,spices for Korean carrot, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, all mix well and allow to brew for about 5-6 minutes. Then take a bowl with rice noodles add the meat,vegetables are all good glove, mix,add ground chili peppers, sesame oil and soy sauce to taste.Formed on plate the salad and decorate with black sesame seeds.The author’s recipe!Bon appetit) Source: Cook with Kris Cook with Kris @ Youtube.