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CHAKHOKHBILI Caricatore hearty dish INGREDIENTS:● Chicken drumsticks 1000 g ● Onions (100g) 4 PCs● Port 100 ml ● Tomato puree 400 g● Salt 1 tsp ● ground black Pepper 1 tsp● dried Basil 1 tsp. ● dried Coriander (cilantro) 1 tsp● dried Parsley 1 tsp ● ground Cinnamon ¼ tsp PREPARATION:1. The pieces of chicken need to fry in a well heated pan without lid until Golden brown. If you pan, it is better to fry without adding fat, if not put quite a bit.2. Onions clear and finely chop.3. In the pan with the chicken add chopped onions, tomato puree (make your own or use ready, the main thing — not to be confused puree, tomato puree), wine (Madeira, port), salt and pepper. 4. If the sauce is thick, add some beef broth. I did not need it.5. Chicken with sauce cover and simmer on very low heat for about an hour.6. A few minutes before end of cooking, gently stir the contents of the pan and add herbs (can be fresh or dried). Source: Master• Shef @ Youtube.

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