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CHEAP, delicious and simple dish of potatoes. Potato Kugel.

Potato Kugel. Looks like a big pancake, only not fried, but baked. Cooked very simply, and it turns out very tasty, browned, delicious with a crispy crust. SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL AND STAY tuned FOR new: Write comments, give it a thumbs up if You enjoyed the video!Send your photos in VK Subscribe to my Instagram @kalnina_natalia MY FIRST BOOK”.”: **************************** Recipe:-1 kg Potatoes (peeled weight)Onion-1pc.Eggs -3 PCs. Salt -1 tsp. garlic -2 tooth.Black pepper – cosucra -1-2st.l.Vegetable oil-40 ml.My channel Vkontakte: @kalnina_natalia Classmates: : ***********************************************************************Maybe You will need video how to make a Versatile dressing for salads INSTEAD of MAYONNAISE it is Possible You will need a video how to make homemade mayonnaise See video “How to cook non-stick emulsion for lubrication forms” – ***********************************************************************I recommend to watch MY PLAYLISTS:1. Salad recipes Recipes Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes Recipes Savoury baking Recipes cakes Recipes Cakes Recipes meat dishes Recipes fish Recipes different types of dough #potatoes #kalyanarama #kartofelnikova #casserole #recipes #dinner #food #cartoleria Source: Калнина Наталья @ Youtube.

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