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Cheap granola Hiking|Camping Breakfast

Budget recipe granola or if you like muesli)Recipe suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as it contains only herbal ingredients.This granola is very long buried, as is not composed of perishable products and animal proteins.A great option for easy-strokes; and ordinary lovers of Hiking and travel. By passing the light weight has good taste. If you don’t like for Breakfast is already a classic among tourists oatmeal with condensed milk and raisins, these cereals can diversify your diet, and slightly reduce the weight of the products.Thank you for viewing Recipe:500 g of oat хлопьев250 g of a mixture of any орехов250 g of a mixture of any сухофруктов200 ml сахара100 ml vegetable масла5 tablespoons cocoa——————————————————-the issue Price of ±$ 5 for 1.2 kg of granola ——————————————————-Telegrams: AdventureInNature■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Unreadable:————————granola, the food of legkohodom, muesli camping, Hiking, cereals, food of legkohodom, Hiking granola, cheap granola, granola for a vegan, eating vegan, how to eat the legkohodom the hike, a delicious Breakfast, hike, Hiking, Breakfast cereal, camping cereal, granola, porridge, muesli Hiking recipe granola how to make granola, homemade granola, how to reduce the weight of the backpack, a light meal in trekking, Hiking snacks, Hiking Breakfast cereal, how to cook Breakfast camping, Hiking Breakfast of legkohodom, #Granola, Source: Олег @ Youtube.

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