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Check glue #4 || Recipe slayma of glue Erhaft || “Chinese Elmer’s”?

Hello!And this topic, “Test glue”.Today our hero becomes the glue Erhaft. Shops: only the “Children’s world” (the glue is available in many cities) Price: just under 30 rubles per 80 g of adhesive is Designed for children’s creativity, so it is relatively safe for hands and the Advantages and disadvantages listed at the end of the video. The resulting slayma good texture, over time he began to pull about the same as slaym the end of the video (he is also from the glue, about the same recipe)How to make a slaym? We need: capacity (in which you store and will not store food), stick or something similar for mixing the glue Erhaft, acrylic paint, a conventional sodium tetraborate, hand cream or body lotion and hot water.1️⃣ Pour the glue in емкость2️⃣ Add acrylic paint (this is optional), mix well. If you want white slaym, just add a paint of the same colour 3️⃣ Add sodium tetraborate (a few drops). The main thing — do not overdo it, it is better to use a plastic spoon, a syringe without a needle or pipette when adding.4️⃣ Long slaym knead in hands (it is advisable to use gloves or to put the substance in a plastic bag). Do not despair ahead of time, if it seems that slaym does not work. Need to knead until that time, until that slaym becomes softer.(By the way, this may not happen if you use too much of the activator, so it must be added drop by drop until slaym does not curdle)5️⃣ Hold slaym under running hot water. You can not just keep and continue to knead. After adding hand cream/body lotion.P. S. Hot water and cream soften slaym.Ready!If slaym beginning is not very good to reach, add the cream (here, too, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise slaym will be sticky).If he still became sticky, add a drop of sodium tetraborate.At the end of the video was clearly demonstrated by some good properties of climov this recipe on the other slayma (good video with video Slimm we have almost no, and now we can’t film a new one, because it is mixed with others). Our Instagram: Here you can buy quality slime at the normal price All the videos of this week’s “glue Test”: All videos: Thanks for watching!Filmed on 7 and 8 July) Source: BlueFox Slime @ Youtube.

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