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Check recipe “BREAD with no KNEADING, which I have to do!” from Nataliya Mashika

Bread without kneading. What do they promise us? Insanely simple method that works 100%. the result is stunning. And all you will be shocked! No need to knead! Work for 5 minutes! NOT expensive!!!))))The composition of the products nigercem, cooperation [email protected]Рецепты and the Reality of Life-Our new “Orchid” channel “Orchids Inna Calif. A diary of observations” Even more tested recipes in our group in Vkontakte Our instagram to Support the channel financially to make it more interesting, in the following ways:Card of Sberbank 5469550027094009Яндекс wallet 410015183713574Источник prescription channel “Nataliya Mashika (ABC-coocking)” (link to recipe )#of parasimpaticheskoj #bread #Receptiion #obsolete #foodblog_____________________ See also:Holiday meals Desserts Cakes and other sweet pastries Fast recipes Budget recipes Cakes (unsweetened, baked and fried) ingredients: Flour – 400 gothie active yeast 1 g (1/4 tsp)Lukewarm water 300 Gal – 8 g (1 tbsp with a small hill)a Little flour for formulationa (thick ceramic)pot with lid Source: Рецепты и Реальность. Проверка рецептов @ Youtube.

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