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[CHECK RECIPE] Dessert in 5 minutes: coffee, sugar and water (ONE TAKE) — Hungry Man (ahem, #182)

SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL — Buy SMCHP from GM (delivery) — Smtporiginator Release (the first) — This quick dessert I first tasted in Italy.. yeah! And on his head decided to show a customized version, that is without cream. Guys, let’s live together) As you can see the test recipe shown — still works) Ask prompt. Do not leave something, you can always find the cause. Most importantly, remember — any experience is an experience) the GM can’t show the recipe, if it won’t work.. So what) Ingredients below ↴super tasty dessert for 1 minute — the CAKE WITHOUT BAKING for 1 minute — JOIN: Instagram → FB Group → Group → Telegram → Classmates → English version of the channel → German version of the channel → BEST:healthy eating (PP) Meat recipes — potato Dishes, Homemade fast food — Desserts in 5 minutes — Vegetarian dishes — Sweets and Desserts — What to cook for dinner INGREDIENTS: ● Water (iced) — 80 ml ● Coffee (instant) — 1 tbsp. spoon (no slides) ● Sugar — 50 grams◉ Tips: ● Eat immediately, after a time, the weight of the fibers. ● YouTube gave recommendations similar recipe and rapid reaction to it, had to look with one eye. Nothing new: people repeat the recipes mindlessly, and then cried. Put 150 grams of sugar to an airy foam? Yes, shoot!) Cook according to the recipes of the GM, and the money saved to fly to Italy and try a real dessert) PS If you wish, you can help to create the subtitles. I get comments with requests from people hard of hearing, and not everyone can watch with sound (office, etc.), but do not always have time to make even Russian subtitles, not to mention other languages. I would be grateful for help. The authors of the subtitles will show the description of the video. Write in a personal VK ( ) or just follow the link – #Gorodnyaya#GM#MasterCut#CremaalCaffé#of Powercreep_____________________Music from the Release:the Song “Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 – Classical Whimsical” owned by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( ).Original version: Artist: Source: Голодный Мужчина @ Youtube.

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