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Cheese cake is a Bad recipe from the Internet

learn from others ‘ mistakes. Found this recipe of cheese cupcake for major online channel. All made one to one according to the recipe, but it turned out nothing. Spent a lot of products, but in the end to entertain friends ashamed and most are not very nice. In General I do not recommend baking the cake for this recipe. Ingredients to prepare:1. cheese 500 gr2. flour 2 стакана3. sugar 2 стакана4. eggs 5 шт5. butter 100 гр6. raisins 100-150 гр7. vanilla sugar 1/2 teaspoon ложки8. leavening agent 1 пакетик9. sour cream 3 tbsp. ложки10. semolina 1 tbsp. ложка11. sunflower oil 1-2 tbsp. Source: Оксана Рубашкина :: Меню на завтра @ Youtube.

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