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CHEESE FELT! Cakes CHEESECAKE cottage cheese: recipe without baking

Put the thumb up and subscribe to the channel!Don’t forget to find me on Instagram: or @chopa_foodЭкономить on purchases with Aliexpress will help CASHBACK service, a refund of up to 90% of the value of goods from a special list – Mobile cash back app – My purchases:Silicone form – My favorite tip – Sito – Also my recipes and a lot of interesting things for mom can be found in the VC: FOR the PREPARATION you will NEED:Strawberry jelly:Strawberry – 300 gzahar or powdered sugar – 50 gelatin – 1 tbsp Water – 200 mlcsca:Soft cheese – 450 smetana – 200 saharnaya powder – 100 gelatin – 1 tbsp Water – 200 manilahotels pudding:Cocoa 3 tbsp powdered Sugar – 4 tbsp Starch – 2 tbsp Milk – 200 melonova:Cookies – 1 packiclone oil – 80 precept very simple, just need to be patient and to wait for curing of the layers. Strawberries need to blend it, add the powdered sugar and gelatin, pour into molds. Cure time – about 1 hour.Mix cottage cheese or soft cheese (I had home made kefir), sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla and gelatin – ready second layer. But to stiffen the main part will be about 3-5 hours.Chocolate pudding is cooked 5 minutes: need to combine cocoa, icing sugar, starch and milk. And send in the microwave for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. If formed lumps, mash the cream through a sieve. Get some cheese midway and fill with pudding.Cookies should be crushed, add butter and form a pellet. Send sweets for 40 minutes in the freezer until the jelly is not out of shape when you remove it.Nice appetite!#chizkeyk#twarog#pirozhnye#octip#Klubnichka#Gele#pastarecipe#klubnichnaja#pciscan#krasivyie#cosmoplast#Tvoroznikova#PP#present#conditur#sladkoeshko#fourblogger#domashniaia#Gotovina#videorecipe#gamesnetwork#gotovimsia Source: Готовим с Чопой @ Youtube.

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