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Cheesecake cupcakes with cherry without troubles! Don’t have time to cool down

►Subscribe to channel and see the most interesting and fresh videos: you will find many interesting things.Cheesecake cupcakes Turn out airy and just melt in your mouth!For cooking we will need:Flour: 7 St. logictrol fat (grind in a meat grinder or to wipe through a sieve): 200 grayza: 4 stelevation oil: 200 g (room temperature)powdered Sugar: 150-200 granulin or vanilla saharosnijatee: 1H.Lesna fresh or tamarajanekane oil for lubrication forms!And of course good mood ❤I do Not forget to put under the video, and save the recipe to your bookmarks Subscribe to our trading services tags dinner, lunch, recipe dinner, recipe, what to cook for dinner, easy dinner, quick recipe, how to cook, what to cook, delicious dinner, step-by-step recipe, recipe potato, recipe, bacon, cook at home, with his own hands, a family dinner, easy, quick, tasty, food, cooking, main dishes, on hot, on the occasion, recipes, hearty dinner Source: Еда за 1 минуту @ Youtube.

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