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Cheesecake/ Easy cheesecake recipe/ Cheese cake

healthy, delicious, beautiful cheesecake.⠀My recipe.⠀ For Korzh:Flour -250 rmargin-200 Graham -100грЯйцо-1штВанилин-5грРазрыхлитель – 10g⠀ For cheese masstorage-350 grivki – 150 -150 mlakar granulin-5грЖелатин 20gr⠀ fruit sloegen from participanst conducted through a meat grinder and mixed with sugar.Jam of currant.Gelatin 20gr.⠀Bake only the cake, but the layers of cheese and fruit, advocated in the fridge.⠀Follow the link on our Instagram Subscribe and put huskies, write comments, I really appreciate it♥it’s amazing♥it’s amazing Source: For Dinner Tv @ Youtube.

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