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Cheesecake Ferrero Rocher || Cheesecake Ferrero roshe || Elena Stasevich HM

I’m in instagram: Subscribe, it’s great!)Incredible nutty cheesecake with a taste of the famous candies Ferrero Rocher. Chocolate with a taste of hazelnut in a chocolate dough Saber. Very tasty, be sure to cook!I also have a recipe for cheesecake Raffaello here: Cheesecake “Ferrero Rocher”.⠀Ingredients:Dough Sable chocolate:Butter-115гКакао-powder-30гМука-160гЯйцо-1штВанильСоль depucelage-100гЧизкейк Ferrero:Creamy cottage cheese-600гСливки from 30%-100гМолочный chocolate-50гСахар – 130гВанильЯйцо-2штФундучная pasta 30гГлазурь Rocher:Milk chocolate-80гСливки from 30%-30-50гКонфетыФундук – ukususa find great deals on eBay for Ferrero:Chocolate sable dough:Unsalted butter-115gCocoa Powder-30gAll purpose flour-160gEgg-1pcsVanillaPinch of saltGranulated sugar-100g⠀Ferrero Cheesecake:Creamcheese-600gHeavy whipping cream -Chocolate 100gMilk-50gSugar – 130gVanilla2pcs eggHazelnut paste-30g⠀Glaze Rocher:Milk Chocolate-80gHeavy whipping cream -30-50gCandies FerreroHazelnuts – to tasteСмотрите my other cheesecake recipes (and my instagram still have pistachio cheesecake): Cheesecake Snickers Cheesecake Sneakers: Cheesecake Strawberry-lime: My candy supplies I bought here:Pastry bags reusable silicone: piping bags disposable size M: Adapters for nozzles: Nozzle for marshmallow 1V or 855: Nozzles pastry 3 large pieces for decoration, marshmallow cream : The nozzles pastry 3 large pieces for decoration, marshmallow cream is another link : Head pastry rose Petal great video : Head pastry rose Petal large concave confectionery nozzles Set : Silicone spatula to cream with a wooden handle : Set of silicone blade with wood handle 2 piece : Spoon for ice cream (easy to pour the batter in the form of cupcakes) : the Ring is adjustable to assemble the cake : cooking Thermometer : Brush dipping biscuit silicone : tip for filling eclairs, donuts, cream : Spatula cream, alignment : kitchen Scales from 1 gram : Kitchen scales from 1 gram ( like mine) : Teflon Mat for macaroons: Thermometer with curved cord: Pyrometer: the Form for cheesecake : Follow me in instagram: the society of pastry chefs: Source: Elena Stasevich HandMade @ Youtube.

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