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Cheesecake “new York” – Recipes from tastefully

cheesecake Lovers know that this delicacy is quite high in calories because it’s made with cream cheese, cookies and cream. This dessert is very popular all over the world. Especially the famous new York cheesecake.We want to share the recipe low calorie a new York cheesecake that will not harm your body. Treat yourself and your family!Full recipe Subscribe to our channel Vkontakte Ingredients:rolled Oats – 50 g Honey – 40 g Wheat flour – 20 g Sunflower oil – 1 tbsp Cheese – 600 g Apples – 200 g Egg – 2 pieces Sugar – 20-50 g Semolina – 1 tbsp Vanilla sugar – 10 g Salt 1 strands.#cheesecake #desserts #recipe #vkusnyatina #receptionarea #luckyrice #Gotovina #videorecipe Source: Рецепты от Со Вкусом @ Youtube.

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