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Cheesecake with strawberries. A simple and delicious recipe. English Subtitles

How to cook cake for kids birthday for kids with strawberries. How to bake a Cheesecake for tea. How to decorate a Cheesecake using strawberries and jelly, and beautifully laid her cake. All this and more can be seen in this video tutorial. Ingredients for the form in diameter 18 cmThe Foundation Of The Cheesecake :1. Biscuits 150 grams2. Butter 82,5% 75 gram Cheesecake :1. Eggs 2 pieces2. Sugar 150 grams3. Sour cream 20% 200 g4. Cream cheese 420 grams5. Vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon6. Strawberries 250 grams7. Flour 1.5 tablespoonsDecorating The Cheesecake :1. Strawberries 250 grams2. “Jelly cake” 2 pack Enjoy your drink!Ask questions, happy to answer! If liked, put Like. Subscribe to the Channel, there will be many interesting and delicious!You can find me here:► Instagram ( write Direct )► WhatsApp +79034623203► e-mail [email protected]► VK ► My group VK ► My website #cheesecake #strawberry #easy #delicious #recipe #kids #cake #jelly #video #baking #dessert #holiday #tea #cheesecake #cake Source: Грани вкусов Жизни Mikhail & Elena @ Youtube.

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