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Cheesecake without baking. Cream Cheesecake • Tasty

This cheesecake at restaurants not nitina can be prepared to damagetotal not difficult, You just serviceschicago very tender, just delicious. And the core..well, it’s just a fairy tale.Accustomed to the base with butter, and I don’t know how? So)I’m Not going to torment you, here are the ingredients:Biscuits — 120 g Milk — 30-60 gelatin — 15 g Cream 33% — 200 g the natural Yogurt — 200 g cottage cheese — 250 g Sugar — 50 g Lemon cocoloco — 30 g Gelatin — 6 g Fruit puree – 120-150 gotovim this:the Ingredients on the form 16-18 see Need more border tape, I doubt I’ll be able to take out the cheese beautiful without it. But if you do not find it possible to take the sleeve for baking, hard file. And the tape still need to pour more mass.Cookies grind to a fine crumb, add the milk. Mix. You should get a smooth and firm paste. Take the ring to the bottom of the parchment and place it on a Board or baking sheet. If you found the film, it should be just above your form for a couple To see it is easy to go glue with a damp cloth.Spread base spread. In the fridge clean.Gelatin pour cold water. If you use powder then water EXACTLY 90 degrees. Notice attention, please.For whipping cream: they take no below 33% and proven brand. The bowl and beaters for 10 minutes in the freezer.Cream beat well.In another increasingly common connect cottage cheese(cream cheese) , natural yogurt, sugar (if you want a little sweeter, a little more sugar) and some lemon juice. Mix with a mixer.In a saucepan bring milk to a boil. Allow to cool to a temp of 82 to 85 g. Add the gelatin squeezed. Powder, along with water type. Stir with a whisk. To the gelatin dissolved.Pour the milk into curd. Mix. Carefully add the whipped cream and stir with a spatula.To shift the mass to the substrate, flatten and put into the refrigerator for 2 hours.Puree. Any. I have a mango and a peach.6гр gelatin soak in water. 1/3 puree bring to the boil. Allow to cool to temp.82-85 GH and add the gelatin squeezed.mix and add the rest of puree. Stir.If you touch the ground, it should be barely warm. Pour frozen ciscuk just poured the puree into cheesecake, refrigerate.2 days.Otvechaite profile alenkawedalenkawedКак only frozen, remove the form and gently remove the tape. Instead of mashed potatoes you juice. Cream need is 33%. Use sheet gelatin.#Cheesecake #of bezpieczne #cheesecake Source: Простые рецепты за минуту от alenkawed @ Youtube.

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