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Cheesecake WITHOUT BAKING for tea!15 minutes and you’re done!Cake bird’s milk! ОSONPIROG! Cheesecake without baking

#tastytime #cake #cheese cake # dessertHello everyone, dear friends! A wonderful, proven cake recipe WITHOUT BAKING for sweet tooth! Preparing quickly and easily! MELTING IN MOUTH! Cookies are better to choose not too sweet. Give it a try! Please your relatives and friends!SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL! Click the bell so you don’t miss a new video!PLEASANT VIEWING!JOIN Instagram: :biscuits – 200gdrain. oil – 110gcocoa – 30gmilk – 50mlsouffle:5 proteins280g icing sugar15 g of gelatin100ml watera pinch of salt for proteinsglaze:chocolate – 90gmilk – 3 tablespoonsdrain. oil – 50gBEST SELECTIONS:- Manty: Cottage cheese cheesecake: Cookies: Sweet Buns: Apple Pie: Casserole: Caramel Cake: Healthy salad: PIZZA IN A Frying Pan: Cookies with chocolate: : recipe, recipes, food, cake, cook at home, cooking, cake without baking, cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, how to cook, how to cook a cake, cookies, cookies, cream, cake at home, fast and tasty, fast, dessert, quick cake, eating, dessert, desserts, cake, chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate, Fast and Tasty, Fast and Tasty, how to cook pie, bird’s milk, delicious cake, for tea, bon appetit Source: Tasty Time @ Youtube.

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