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Chicken Cutlets with Cheese and Polenta. Chicken cutlet TENDER. Recipe.

Delicious Chicken Burgers with cheese and polenta. The recipe is very simple, Chicken cutlets are juicy and tender. The recipe for these chicken cutlets are not used eggs and bread.Chicken cutlets with cheese and polenta ingredients:chicken Meat – 0,5 kg,Cheese – 180 g,Corn grits (polenta) 2 tbsp,wheat Flour – 3 tablespoons,sour Cream – 1 tbsp. spoon,Salt, spicy pepper, herbes de Provence.Oil and butter for frying cutlets.For the sauce:sour Cream, greens, garlic, hot pepper, salt and pickles.YOU LIKE THE RECIPE? SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, CLICK THE BELL AND YOU’LL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT NEW VIDEO RECIPES. CLICK ON THE LINK, AND YOU WILL DISCOVER A SELECTION OF RECIPES, SORTED BY THEME 1. HOW TO COOK A DELICIOUS HOMEMADE SAUSAGE. DELICIOUS RECIPES HOME КОЛБАСЫ RECIPES FOR SHROVE TUESDAY. БЛИНЫ HOMEMADE CAKES EASTER РЕЦЕПТЫ RECIPES FROM МЯСА RECIPES FROM РЫБЫ ONLY the MOST DELICIOUS САЛАТЫизкурицы #of patties #of quranically #tatianaadamenko #kulinarnyy #food #recipes #to campigotto #of recaptcha #baking #receptivities #dried fruit #dried Source: Татьяна О еде и не только @ Youtube.

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