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Chicken drumstick in honey and soy sauce with oranges Quick recipe

►Subscribe to channel and see the most interesting and fresh videos: you will find many interesting things.Super delicious chicken drumsticks in honey and soy coseglia this recipe You will need:1-1.5 kg chicken голеней2 tbsp меда60 ml soy soccer 1st orange(medium size)juice of 1 th апельсина2-3 cloves chesnokodavku the ground persay a good mood )Salt can be added, as soy sauce is quite salty!Thank you very much for your attention, don’t forget to subscribe to the feed )Subscribe to our trading services tags dinner, lunch, recipe dinner, recipe, what to cook for dinner, easy dinner, quick recipe, how to cook, what to cook, delicious dinner, step-by-step recipe, recipe potato, recipe, bacon, cook at home, with his own hands, a family dinner, easy, quick, tasty, food, cooking, main dishes, on hot, on the occasion, recipes, hearty dinner Source: Еда за 1 минуту @ Youtube.

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