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Prepare incredibly tender and juicy CHICKEN FRITTERS -ASTRAKI//CHOPS MINCED CHICKEN/gallinaceous Rastrac Recipe.. Make our gallinaceous Rastrac with onions,garlic not use.Worth a try!!!It is very tasty and very bistro!!!#corinealdi#quranically#rabinically#reciprocatory#recept#receptornegative#collaterized*******************************************************************************For the development of a channel card of Sberbank VISA 4817 7601 4297 9123 (Ekaterina M) (Pre-gratitude)**************************************************************************ON MY CHANNEL YOU WILL FIND MANY DELICIOUS AND SIMPLE RECEPTIVITIES ON MY CHANNEL HOMEMADE CAKES ENTREES. SOUPS, BORSCHT, HASH main DISHES BREAKFASTS AND SNACKS SALAD RECIPES CRAB SALAD DISHES WITH MUSHROOMS and MEAT DISHES PASTRIES WITH CHEESE dish FROM the LIVER POTATO DISHES VEGETABLE DISHES special DIET of FISH FOOD For the development of a channel card of Sberbank VISA 4817 7601 4297 9123 (Ekaterina M) (Pre-gratitude)We need:*******************************************600-700 G. chicken филе1 large луковица2-3 tbsp майонеза200 G. кефира2-3 tbsp муки0,сахара0 5 tsp,5 tsp tsp. соды100 ml raises. makeprimary,salt,pepper,herbs–to taste Recipe:********************************************************************************1)Chicken fillet cut into medium dice,or skip through the bars of the grinder for hamburger patties.2)cut Onion into small cubes,or skip through large lattice grinder.3)fillet chopped onion,egg,mayonnaise,yogurt,salt,sugar,spices,chopped herbs,a teaspoon soda,flour.4) Mince and knead well and leave to stand for 10-15 minutes.5)a tablespoon spread the stuffing in the pan with hot oil, and fry on both sides until Golden brown. Hope you enjoyed with us!!!! Bon appetit!!!!!!!! Source: Вкусно и просто с Кошкиной мамой! Кошкина мама @ Youtube.

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