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Chicken pancakes

CHICKEN PANCAKES ⠀hi guys!Today, I have a very tasty and tender chicken crepes with mushrooms and cheese⠀Recorded video recipe in haste⠀Recommend you get them to cook ⠀Ingredients:⠀✔ good but the ground beef 750 g (chicken/Turkey)✔ app champignons 150 g✔ this corn starch 40 g✔ app egg 2 PCs✔ this cheese 120 g✔ this milk 200 ml✔this salt and pepper✔ app spices to taste ✔ this coconut oil for frying⠀Prepare:⠀Mushrooms finely chop or grind in a blender. Add to the mince.There also add the egg, starch, salt, pepper, spices, grated cheese and milk.Mix well.A hot frying pan greased with coconut oil.We spread our pancakes tablespoon and level.⠀Fry on both sides.⠀Bon appetite)⠀Serve with garnish/sour cream/sauce.⠀ Source: Оля Ковтун @ Youtube.

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