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Chicken Thai!

#receptionnaire#mesopotami#strastnaja#kakkathamburatti#Recipe:Chicken fillet 300 gr.3 PCs. onions Carrots, 1 PC. sweet pepper 0.5 PC Garlic 1 subchild 1 tbsp Soy sauce 4 tbsp Sesame seeds 20 gr.Salt,red pepper.********************************* enjoy!=========================================*SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL AND STAY tuned FOR NEW RECIPES:* Strlinkcriteria comments, give it a thumbs up if You enjoyed the video!Other Videos on the Channel:*Meat candy* Alternative to meatballs… Mini Easter cakes Frosting for cake without eggs! Sugar eggs! The options for decorating cakes! *Hodgepodge!How to prepare at home!* *Huge Poof!* *Colored dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms* *Delicious candies in haste* *Inexpensive tasty pita pie* *Super easy and delicious soup* *Awesome pizza* *Recipe for quick rice noodles.Cellophane.* *Zucchini Korean.Yum!Made easy! All the advice!* *Shawarma without harm to the figures! Shawarma PP!* *Corn in a slow cooker!Recipe in 15 minutes!!!* *The most Delicious Marinade For any meat!* Source: Страсти на Кухне @ Youtube.

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