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Chocolate KETO dessert, KETO BOMB video recipe on Keto diet

Cheers! Very short but succinct video recipe chocolate dessert for those who adhere to the diet of keto diet.You can pour the resulting mass into molds for ice and you will have portioned dessert figurines. I poured keto bomb in a small container and eat especially when you want!Can add nuts, but I tried to minimize the carbs.The video describes in detail calorie of each ingredient and the finished product. And I podschital the cost of the dessert ready. To lose weight at home easily.Time it takes not more than 10-15 minutes, taking into account the melting of a fatty basis.On the basis of Fat, 86% Carbs, 4%Proteins 10 AND the entire mass 1288 kcal the finished product in about 5-7 servings (all depends on your love for chocolate)Subscribe to my channel and don’t miss fresh videos! Source: Альтернативная логика или ПО СУЩЕСТВУ @ Youtube.

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