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CHOCOLATE MOUSSE | mouth-watering dessert without baking! Recipe from Gordon Ramsay

Hello!Immediately apologize for my voice)) Today we will prepare with you a very delicate dessert that requires no baking, and also a long time for cooking! I remind you about your Instagram And other To make a delicate mousse we will need: Bitter chocolate with high cacao content – 100 gr; Large egg white – 1 piece; heavy cream (33%) – 300 ml; Sugar – 50 grams; optional Amaretto liqueur (2 tbsp) and Amaretti cookies (plain almond biscuits) to taste.The dessert is cooked very quickly (Gordon prepares him for 4 minutes… uh.. for me, the process took 15 minutes at least (and even then, if you take away the filming process)…remember to cool the resulting mass (a creamy chocolate and egg), and then all get whipped quite magnificently and would make a good mousse. I put in the freezer before insertion.I advise you to watch my recipes playlists: Snacks: ****************************************** Hot meals: ****************************************** Breakfast: ****************************************** Desserts: ****************************************** Salads: ****************************************** Meatless meals: ******************************************In this video you will learn how to prepare chocolate mousse in 4 minutes from Gordon Ramsay how to cook quick dessert, chocolate dessert without baking, recipes from Gordon Ramsay, fast, dessert, desserts, without baking, the best recipes by Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay and his kitchen, homemade mousse, homemade food by Gordon Ramsay chocolate mousse recipe how to make chocolate mousse how to make chocolate mousse, mousse dessert, chocolate mousse recipe how to make mousse, how to cook mousse, dessert, no-bake, easy dessert, dessert in 4 minutes, mousse, chocolate, mousse chocolate, easy dessert, quick dessert, delicious dessert, easy recipe, chocolate, dessert ,The most delicate dessert without baking, mouth-watering dessert, sweet dessert, dessert, recipe, Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay easy dessert, dessert, dessert in 5 minutes how to make chocolate mousse, how to make mousse, easy dessert, easy dessert, delicious dessert, cooking at home, homemade recipes.#canalwalk #mousse #desserts #cooking #GordonRamsay #paprika Source: PaprikA @ Youtube.

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