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Chudu with potatoes and cheese. A DELICIOUS recipe cakes on kefir!

All welcome to the channel of “Take and cook – Bon Appétit”!The miracle is thin tortillas that are prepared with various fillings. Today we will make with potatoes and cheese. Sure that this dish will appeal to you and your family!Ingredientes:Flour – 600-650 kefir – 500 Gal – 1,5 tsp Soda – 1 tsp Stuffing:Potato – 400-450 gsir – 400 gr.Oil – 50-60 of gallstone not miss the new Video CLICK on the BELL that is Next to the “Subscribe”Button SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL AND STAY tuned FOR new: Write comments, give it a thumbs up if You enjoyed the video!JOIN IN the SOCIAL СЕТЯХFacebook: : @bonappetit_tut Song “Clear Air Somewhere Sunny” owned by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( ).Original version: Artist: Source: Бери и готовь – Bon Appétit @ Youtube.

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