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Ciabatta with olives. Italian bread. A simple recipe | Chiabatta with olives. Simple recipe.

Chiabatta with olives.To prepare it, we will need:385 grams of wheat flour;285 grams of water;7 grams of salt;40 grams of olive oil;2 grams of dry yeast;80 grams of olives (without bone).Add yeast to room temperature water and dissolve completely.Then pour olive oil, pour salt and add sifted flour.We mix everything. Dough will be very sticky – it’s normal.We cover with tape and leave for 45 minutes in a room without through men.At the end of the time, put olives on the dough. We’re not interfering!We treat the test very delicately!Then we carefully pull out the dough in a way from four sides, folding with an envelope. We cover with tape again and leave for 30 minutes.After the time, repeat the procedure and leave the dough under the tape again for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes the dough is laid again with an envelope and now we leave for 40 minutes.The table is plentiful to sprinkle and flour, turning the bowl, put dough on it.On top of the dough with flour is plentiful. Divide into two parts.We take a cotton towel and sleep it well with flour. Very carefully carry our bread on a towel and cover it on top. Leave for 30 minutes.Meanwhile, we heat the oven together with the counter to 220 degrees Celsius.Carefully transfer the bread to the heated pan. To bake this bread, I use a silicone mat – it doesn’t need to be lubricated with butter and the bread doesn’t stick to it.Bake in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 25-30 minutes. I focus on the colour of the crust – it should be brown.We take bread out of the oven and let it cool down. We store in a paper or cotton bag at room temperature. Source: Лимонный щербет @ Youtube.

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