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Clafoutis with strawberries. Popular French dessert available ingredients

a Simple dessert made from available ingredients. You can prepare with different berries. Original recipe here Dessert is deposited during cooling, is the norm.Will fit round shape with a diameter of 20 cm is required all-in-one ceramic or glass.Milk and butter can be very different fat content. Milk you can substitute 10% cream.100 g – 163 challengedata:Form 14×22 smoke – 130 geiza – 3 pieces (150 g without shell)butter – 50 Moloko – 330 Sahar – 90 vanilly sugar – 10 Klubnika – 600 гПриготовление1. Form grease with oil.2. Strawberries cut in half and lay on the bottom of the form.3. Flour, eggs, half sugar, in a bowl combine, stir until smooth.4. Milk combine with sugar and vanilla sugar and bring to a boil.5. Stir flour mixture, a thin stream pour the hot milk.6. Add the melted butter and mix thoroughly.7. Pour the strawberry.8. Bake in a preheated 180° C oven on an average level without convection 40-45 minutes.9. Remove, cool completely and serve. Much better after cooling in the refrigerator.*Please note! Baking time may differ from the stated in the video, focus on your oven, and also consider the material of form.My pages in social networks:Blogger Facebook More cakes More recipes Iryna Podolyan All recipes channel Bon appetit! #irinopolis #casserole #clafoutis #klubnichnaja Source: Приятного аппетита! @ Youtube.

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