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Cold beef with yogurt sauce

sour cream Sauce, milk or cream – not news. And how to you idea to prepare a sauce from yogurt? Yes, this is a great accompaniment to the meat, in this recipe for beef. Try it – be-good vkusnotischi! Cold beef with yogurt sauce Ingredients: – Kefir “Vkusnoteevo” – 100 ml; – Beef (sirloin or boneless thighs) – 200-300 grams; Beef broth – 1 l; – Salt-black pepper – to taste – Coriander – 1 tsp; – Parsley – 2 sprigs; – Radish and lemon, for serving. Method of preparation: Beef cleaned from films, to make a smooth elongated piece. Salt. Wrap in several layers of cling film (to give shape). Beef broth bring to a boil. To put there the beef, turn off the heat and close the lid. The broth needs to cool completely with the meat. For the sauce mix the yogurt with pinches of salt and pepper, coriander and chopped parsley. Thinly slice cold meat (without cling film), serve with sauce, slices of radish and lemon. Bon appetit! #Vkusnoteevo #recipe Source: ТМ Вкуснотеево @ Youtube.

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