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COLD CHEESECAKE with Cherries and Mascarpone ✧ Cheesecake Cherry & Mascarpone Recipe

#cheesecake #of ciscaucasica #рецептINSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – TWITTER – Gmail – [email protected]********************************************************The RECIPE is the diameter of the ring 20 смБИСКВИТ2 яйца100 g сахара90 g муки60 ml vegetable масла25 g flour hazelnut (any nut)5 g razryhlitelya of solecistic WITH МАСКАРПОНЕ500 g маскарпоне250 g + 100 g of cream fat content of 33%-35% 140 g sugar пудры15 g желатина90 g cold modificable ЖЕЛЕ350 g cherry пюре100 сахара12 g g g жлатина72 cold modiriat CREAM CHEESE “PHILADELPHIA” – ********************************************************INGREDIETNSDiameter of cake form 20 cmSPONGE CAKE2 eggs (at room temperature)100 g of sugar90 g of flour60 ml of vegetable oil25 g of hazelnut flour 5 g of baking powderA pinch of saltMascarpone Cheesecake500 g of mascarpone250 g + 100 g heavy whipping cream 33% -35%140 g icing sugar15 g of gelatin powder90 g of cold waterCHERRY JELLY350 g of cherry puree100 g of sugar12 g of gelatin powder72 g of cold water*******************************************************************SEE ALSO PLAYLISTS WITH OTHER RECIPES : PLAYLISTS/OYNATMA LISTELERI/PLAYLISTS Easter Recipes – Christmas Recipes / Yılbaşı Tarifleri / New Year’s Recipes – Cakes / Pastalar / Cakes – Main Dishes / Ana Yemekler / Main Dishes – Cakes / Tarifleri Tatlı Fırın / Sweet Pastry – Snacks / Aperatifler / Snacks – Bread / Ekmekler / Bread / Bread – Salads / Salatalar / Salads – Sauces / Soslar / Sauces – Breakfast / Kahvaltılıklar / Breakfast – Massovye Cakes / Pastalar Mus / Mousse Cakes – Beverages / Içecekler / Drinks – Procurement / Konservelikler / Canning :Track: Oxygen — Scandinavianz [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch Free Download / Stream: Source: Cook With Kseniya @ Youtube.

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