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Cold soup – a delicious recipe for hot summer #Lunch

Appetizing hello everyone!Hot time has come and it means it’s time to cook dishes from summer recipes! Today we will cook cold soup, this is our homemade recipe. And we will cook it in vegetable broth, without meat, so to speak – the struggle for a healthy diet.For its preparation we need (we take from the calculation on the capacity of about three liters):1. Pre-boiled and already cooled vegetable broth2. Potatoes – 2pcs3. Beets – 2pcs4. Onion – 1pc5. Green onions – 2 stalks6. A bit of parsley7. Carrots – 2pcs8. Chicken eggs – 3pcs9. Small lemon – 1/2 pcs.10. Sour cream – 5 tablespoonsAll root vegetables are boiled and cooled in advance, the ingredients must be at least room temperature … for more details on the cooking process, see my video.Thank you for stopping by my channel! All good! And see you soon!SaponStudioRecipe: folkIdea: Victor SaponFilmmaker: Victor Sapon Source: Viktor Sapon @ Youtube.

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