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Cold tomato soup with tuna

Want to lose weight? Just don’t eat these 3 products: Tomato soup with tuna – the perfect dish for losing weight. First, tuna is a very useful fish, this product need to our body. Second, the soup does not contain empty calories – it is only the healthy vegetables, fragrant spices and high-protein and very tasty tuna fillet. Try it and you will love this dish. Perfect not only for summer soup is refreshing and nourishes without leaving a heavy residue. Instead of expensive tuna, by the way, you can try fillet of other fish. You can also use canned tuna. In short, you can improvise in cooking, unlike traditional vegan gazpacho.Cold tomato soup of receptory to cook tomato soup with a tuna, we will need:150 g tuna fillet;200 g tomatoes;400 g tomatoes in their own juice;400 grams of water, tofu, 100 g;salt, sugar, spices, and Basil to taste;garnish: fresh herbs, arugula, quail eggs can.Cooking is very simple: mix all the ingredients (except for tuna and what have you prepared for decoration) and chop in a blender until smooth. Fresh tomatoes can be pre-peel. Now season with salt and pepper tuna fillets and fry in oil in a hot pan for 10 to 15 seconds per side (longer – fillet should not be rough; the exact cooking time determines the thickness of the slice). Ready fillet, divide into pieces, arrange on a plate and pour the cold soup, garnish with greens – arugula and Basil or halves of hard-boiled quail eggs.Cold tomato soup with tuna: Source: Виниамин Каприн @ Youtube.

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