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Cook for 5 MINUTES and Dinner is Ready! Potato noodles melts in your mouth!

Hello Everyone! Friends, today I offer a new recipe for the meal of yesterday’s potatoes. Preparing tender, soft potato noodles.Ingredients boiled Potatoes – 500 gr.Flour – 200 gr.Eggs – 1 PC Salt – kuskulana – 1/2 tsp Curry – 1/2 tsp Method приготовления1) Boiled in their skins peel the potatoes peeled, pereklast in a bowl and turn into a puree. For this recipe can use boiled potatoes without skin or leftover mashed potatoes. To the mashed potatoes add the egg, salt to taste, add turmeric for color and curry to taste. If you do not like curry, add other spices or even don’t add. Stir the potato mixture and add the flour, interfering with her parts. Potato dough will be soft, sticky inside, but more flour to add is not necessary, otherwise the noodles will get hard.2) the Table is well dusted with flour. Roll the dough out to a thickness of 4-5 mm. from the Top probility the dough with flour and cut the dough with a knife into thin strips in one direction then in the opposite direction, should get small ribbons with a width of 1-1,5 cm, a length of 4-5 cm. 3) once the water in the pan boils, add salt, stir and send the noodles in the pan. It is convenient to take it for the dough scraper or a knife with a large blade. Once dipped the noodles into the water, boil it for exactly 5 minutes and removed. Serve with butter, sour cream, sprinkle with chopped greens. The noodles was very soft and tender. Bon appetit!***************************CREAM CHEESE BUDGET OPTION You will forget about the sausage! The best meat appetizer a few minutes the Dessert of the 2 ingredients in 10 minutes the Cake without baking of the 3 ingredients Breakfast 5 minutes! Breakfast on 5+! The ears are not ottyanesh! The best dough for rolling cakes As simple and fast to CLEAN ANY FISH ****************************I Will be glad to our acquaintance in the social. networks:Facebook Instagram ********************Friends, subscribe to my channel – there will be a lot of interesting and delicious recipes! And to receive alerts about new recipes, click on the bell that will appear near the red button “SUBSCRIBE”.********************All the best to You!!!********************#kartoffelsalat #за5минут #of katherineamanda Source: Катерина Михайленко @ Youtube.

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