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RECIPE for TURKEY AND PASTA: All products must be fresh! Vegetables should be thoroughly washed. Products for half of the recipe (for full twice products): Fresh ground Turkey meat 1135 pecheni Turkey 35 g finely chopped Pasta, whole wheat varieties 560g – cook and studiomarcy 70 g finely nresetting of 70 g finely narasingpur of 70 g – finely noresetlogs 35 g fresh or frozen, without any dobavkami fat 2.5 tsp Nutrient mixture NFFD 4 tsp PREPARATION:1. In a non-stick frying pan, put the stuffing the Turkey and liver. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently. While the meat is still slightly pink, add the vegetables and cranberries. Continue to simmer, until the meat is ready and the vegetables are soft. When fully ready you can put into another container and allow to cool. 2. Cook pasta their whole wheat varieties in accordance with the directions on the package and cool. 3. In a large bowl, once the food has cooled, mix all the ingredients, including fish oil and sprinkle all of this mixture NaturalFoodForDogs and mix again.4. Determine the weight of your dog, use the table of serving sizes, and arrange the portions on the packages. Can be stored in the freezer, and the fridge food will stay fresh for 4-6 days.The theme of our video challenges cooking natural food for dogs. What to feed a dog? Of course, straight! In this video we at home prepare recipe straight girls and make are already pre-ready meals. But at the same time check that will choose dogs: homemade natural food for dogs or from an online store? In addition, you can try to cook this recipe at home for your pet. Most importantly, remember some of the points you can learn in our video the 10 principles of the natural nutrition for the dog. Our channel about dogs dog care and puppy care, raising dogs and puppies, dog training, how to teach your puppy how to wean a dog life hacks for dogs and dog lovers, interesting facts about dogs, dog food, shopping for dogs at the pet store and online pet stores, how to choose food, treats, leash, collar, toys, etc, DIY handmade for dogs with his own hands, all about the dogs health video about the different breeds of dogs and just rolls out of our lives! Write your stories and questions in the comments, put like, subscribe and you will be happy!Music: License: Creative Commons Attribution ( ). The song “Cold Funk Funkorama” and “Doh De Oh” – owned by Kevin MacLeod. Artist: Original version: the Song “Totally Looped” belongs to Audionautix. Artist: Source: SobreTodo @ Youtube.

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