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Corn muffins from 10 ingredients without gluten, sugar and milk | vegan recipe

download my recipe book: my Instagram: http://⠀I often have is that the cakes are not quite properly obtained either inside raw, or too dry… and I once watched a video from one of the chef which for such purposes used stone, natural stone, which distributes the temperature in the oven so that it is roughly the same everywhere⠀generally, I lit up the idea and decided to try a special stone, baked it 3 times already and now I love it! Really works!⠀I have the volcanic stone from @baking_stone – in gallery photo posted instructions and characteristics this stone, and if you’re wondering))⠀and now to the recipe…it is simple, sweet and you can eat well or add some syrup/cream/chocolate⠀……………corn muffins:⠀• applesauce 1-2 apples (~150 ml)• soda 1/2 tsp• lemon juice/lime 2 tbsp• salt 1/2 tsp• Jerusalem artichoke syrup 1-2 tbsp• cinnamon 1/4 tsp• corn flour 200 gr• rice 200 grams• olive or coconut oil 2 tbsp• water ~200-300 ml⠀1/ put all ingredients in a bowl, add water gradually, adjust with water density, it should be as thick сметана2/ lubricate the form of butter, pour the batter into the form, bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees for ~30-40 min or until light blush⠀* this cake can be served with coconut cream or cashew cream, or date caramel, jam or syrup⠀…………….anyone used/uses a stone for the oven? Can prompt useful life hacks?)) I will be grateful to you⠀wish you joy and thank you for being with me⠀#рецепты_jennnuty Source: jennnuty / Женя Баганова @ Youtube.

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