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Creamy Soup with Chicken | the Perfect Recipe for Adults and Children | Lunch for the Whole Family

hi Friends!Glad to share with You the recipe a delicious creamy soup with chicken. He can appeal to adults and children.Ingredients:- 1 chicken breast ;- 1 carrot ;- 1 onion ;- 1 potato – 50 gr. vermicelli ( if you want to add) ;- 20 gr. butter; 150 gr. melted cream cheese ;- Salt ( to taste);- black Pepper peas ( to taste) .The number of ingredients designed for pots with a volume of 1.5 – 2 liters.Method of preparation :1. Boil the broth . Chicken breast, cover with cold water. To flavor the broth, add black pepper peas . To a boil cover the pan with a lid and cook the broth over medium heat .After boiling add salt . Reduce the heat and continue cooking over low heat without a lid. Remove the skum as it becomes available . After finishing the cooking of the broth to remove the meat and strain it through a fine sieve to make the broth transparent and to avoid getting the pepper in the dish. Cooking time of chicken broth 1.5 to 2 hours.2. While we cook the broth , grate carrots on a coarse grater , chop the onion and potato cubes, the mode of finely the greens .3. Take a pan , heat it and add butter . Fry the onion and carrot until Golden. 4. Pour the finished broth and add the potatoes .5. After the broth again to a boil, taste it for salt, if not enough , you need salt . 6. Add the cream cheese. 7. 5 minutes before end of cooking, add the vermicelli .8. Cooked chicken breast, finely chop and send it to the finished soup at the end .9. In the end add the herbs ( I had cilantro and dill) .You can serve with garlic croutons .All a pleasant appetite ! #Perfield , #Soup , #Slivochnaya , #Lunch Source: Жена Армянина @ Youtube.

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