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*CRUMBLE* *Crumble* *Recipe for a quick Breakfast* *Breakfast for lazy* * Delicious Breakfast*

Crumble (eng. — crumble) — a dish of Irish cuisine, delicious pastries, which, moreover, is very easy to prepare. Crumble is a sweet and salty filling.Variations Krumlov there are countless, you can experiment with filling and composition of the crumbs. For example, to the flour add oatmeal — crust will be more crispy. And if you use buckwheat flour, the dish become more interesting and will find the “rustic” flavor. Recipe crumble so came the hosts for the shower that quickly spread around the world. Almost every European powers now have their own versions of this dish. French recipe crumble new combination of pumpkin and chestnuts: pour the filling cream and then sprinkled with crumbs of flakes and Parmesan. At the end of August in Russia ripen the fruits of sea buckthorn, you can prepare another version crumble — Apple and sea-buckthorn berries under the oatmeal. In Greece a popular vegetable-based eggplant, tomatoes, and onions, then add the minced meat, sour cream, spices and cheese. In some recipes eggplant substituted for zucchini, add bell pepper and pea pods, slices of ham and chicken. In short, different sources recipe crumble may change beyond recognition. Naturally, the ratio between the shortbread crumbs and the filling can be chosen according to your taste. And here’s the classic recipe crumble.berries/fruit вкусу150 gr муки90 масла70 g butter-80 g сахара70 grams of oatmeal❤I Enjoyed the video?✔ Give it a like and share it with your friends!✔ Subscribe to the channel to not miss new videos.✔ Write your opinion about this recipe in the comments!#crumble#crumble Source: Вкусно и Просто @ Youtube.

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