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Cuban Sandwich | How to Cook Cuban Sandwich from the Movie | Eugene Klopotenko

everybody likes sandwiches as they are very easy to prepare at home. But, if this is still the Cuban sandwich and, Yes, the one who prepared in the film “Chef on wheels”, then past this recipe, the sandwich is simply impossible to pass. How to cook Cuban sandwich from the film “Chef on wheels”: preparation Time: 8-12 casemurate cooking: 25 minutes INGREDIENTS for the Cuban Sandwich: • 1 piece Ciabatta (white or dark your choice)• 500 g boneless pork (apples)• 1 EA., Orange• 10 sprigs Coriander• 2 cloves garlic• 2 tbsp Vegetable oil• 4 slices cheese• 4 slices Ham (or brisket)• 3 PCs. pickled cucumber• Salt and pepper• 2 tablespoons Mustard (sweet American)Read recipe cooking Cuban sandwich on our website: And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! I will try to share all that you know and use in the kitchen #of Eugenioloralee#of Klopotenko#Sandwichera#Counciland#Bluashvili you want to write me something interesting, or maybe you want cooperate with me, then write me a mail [email protected]Моя mission is to improve food culture. On his YouTube channel, which is constantly filled with simple video recipes, I’ll show you how and what to cook. I will share with you cooking lifehacks and tell you how to make your meals were interesting and varied. I want you to live a little better. Let’s cook together? Moreover, I am convinced that cooking is just a Source: Evgeniy Klopotenko @ Youtube.

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