Cucumber salad – recipe Chinese food

cucumber Salad in Chinese is relatively simple, but get the original and fresh taste. Sorry for a bit of expressive editing. So, inspired by the. 🙂 This dish can have many variations that differ slightly from those shown in the video. Take two cucumbers, peeled and trimmed edge. Finely chop, as in the video. Heats oil. Throw in there the Sichuan pepper, Chinese language huatsyao. Throw hot peppers. Fry for a few seconds. As soon as the pepper begins to darken, pour in hot oil in a sliced cucumbers. Then add rice vinegar (can be a bit of any vinegar), add a little soy sauce and salt. If you want, that this video is, you can add a little sugar and a few drops of sesame oil, one that smells of sesame and sesame and not only called so 🙂 All the cucumber salad in Chinese ready. The video section recipe of Chinese cuisine, shot in Beijing, in the house of our good Chinese friends who actually do this salad 🙂 Bon appetit! See all of our videos in the section Chinese cuisine and recipes – the Video shot during the trip of the delegation of the Association of traditions and culture of China in Beijing and other cities, led by renowned Wushu master Mu Wicona in 2019. All the videos with Mu yuchun in the channel of the Zhen Gongfu – Subscribe to the channel Zhen Gongfu! Association of traditions and culture of China: zhengongfu wushuvision Source: Zhen Gongfu @ Youtube.