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Cupcake | Mega simple recipe of cake in the oven | Vegan baking recipes

the Cupcakes or they are called muffins, great homemade cakes with tea or coffee. Kids love them, but find muffins recipes quite difficult, but want to cheer their loved homemade muffins. Muffins with raisins, sunflower seeds, dried apricots, dates, figs and sugar-free best diet cupcakes.Want to quickly prepare a delicious PP muffins with banana or raisin-cake, and to please his family?My author, mega simple recipe for healthy, delicious vegan cupcakes (muffin) of whole wheat flour, no sugar, no honey, no eggs, no milk, no yogurt, no sour cream, no butter. How to cook cupcakes in the oven…Recipe for simple cupcakes:_______________Ingredients:1 Cup воды1 tbsp white linen (or 2 tbsp of flax flour)2 cups whole wheat flour)1H.l. корицы1/2H.l. nutmeg ореха1,5h.l. соды1/3h.l. citric calorimety соли70мл. vegetable масла4 overripe medium банана1 Cup mixture of nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds***Cup=250ml#sexyrecipe #muffins #sexywear #ecprivatekey #cupcakes #cupcake #vegansociety Source: Ксения Веган @ Youtube.

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