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Cupcake with raisins! A very simple recipe! Raisin cupcake!

the recipe for the cake with raisins! Eggs 3 pieces (cold)butter 150 grams (room temp.)Sugar 130 grammage wheat 200 grammarschool 1 tsp Vanilla sugar 10 graminum 100-150 graminum pour boiling water for 20 minutes. Rinse well and squeeze to drain in a colander and drain off excess water.While the raisins will infuse you can do the test.The softened butter vzbit with sugar, add vanilla and sugar.One you enter in oil mass of eggs.Add the egg and carefully beat with a mixer until smooth and so after each.Add the sifted flour and baking powder.For a more uniform distribution of the leavening agent in the dough, its better to connect with the sifted flour and mix well. Latest add to the dough raisins.It first needs to be dried with a paper towel.To ensure that the raisins are evenly distributed in the dough and not settled to the bottom of the molds, it can lightly roll in flour. Mix the dough until then, until are evenly whole raisins. Spread the dough in portions molds. The dough should occupy 2/3 of the volume of the molds – in the process of baking the cakes will increase in size.Send cupcakes in the preheated oven and bake at 170 ° C for 30-35 minutes. I use the mode “top-bottom” without convection. Muffins with raisins is convenient to take with you to work and to school! Source: MarmeLAd @ Youtube.

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