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Cupcakes for 5 minutes in the microwave! Check the recipes from the Internet. Quick muffins in a mug Afinka

Today we will again check recipes muffin in a Cup and find out whether they are delicious, as promised in the Internet.✓ COOPERATION! On advertising write on e. mail. Cm. El. mail on the page “About the channel”.Go to our Alpikom new channel Macromania the link This channel is dedicated to beautiful MACRO photography and MICRO world. Finally, YouTube has approached the long-awaited fit the content. Don’t miss the close!My book with exclusive padelecki buy online here:♥ In Russia: in Russia you can buy the book offline at any bookstore, including the Federal book shop “Read-city”.♥ In Ukraine: (yakaboo), (bizlit), (book24)♥ In Belarus: (Oz) and (Biblio)♥ In Kazakhstan: (book24)I SOC. networks:✓ Instagram → ✓ Telegram → ✓ I VK → ✓ My group in VK → ✓ Twitter → Alfic in the social. networks:✓ Instagram → ✓ YouTube → ✓ My YouTube channel → ✓ See only MK → ✓ See only recipes → ✓ See only sketches → ✓ See only decors → ✓ Watch videos with husband → ✓ Watch videos about the gifts → ✓ See only unboxing → ✓ See the reviews → ✓ to Watch the school video → ✓ to Watch the Christmas video → ✓ See all videos → ✉ Address for parcels: ♥ Where do you live? ♥ How old are you? ♥ Address for parcels? ♥ What inspires you? ♥ When is the next video? ♥ What kind of camera you shooting with? ♥ Answers to these and many other questions are here → Likecoin → cryptocurrency for the huskies: @elfiktion/gaw2/…#Afinka #of futaki♥ CUPCAKE JELLY:1 яйцо5 tablespoons of dry pudding (I have strawberries with cherries)1/2 tsp vanilla сахара5 tablespoons akisada соли1/2 tsp разрыхлителя6 tbsp молока1 tbsp vegetable oil (always unscented)♥ OATMEAL muffins:2 eggs;4 tbsp fine sugar (or powdered sugar);3 tbsp vegetable oil without smell;4 tbsp milk;2 tbsp rolled oats quick cooking;1 tbsp cocoa;2 tbsp flour;0,3 teaspoon baking Powder;♥ CUPCAKE WITH APPLES:4 tbsp муки2 tbsp сахара3 tbsp milk 3 tbsp vegetable oil 1 egg of 0.25 CH. l. soda of 0.25 tsp accusatorily Saadallah quarter – ♥ CUPCAKE WITH TOFFEE:1 яйцо4 муки3 tbsp tbsp tbsp сахара3 какао0,25 разрыхл3 tbsp Молока1 tbsp Rast масла2-3 toffee Source: Afinka @ Youtube.

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