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CURRY SAUCE WITH MUSHROOMS. INDIAN RECIPE CHUTNEY, AROMATIC SPICY SAUCE CURRY. Here is a beautiful fragrant fragrant sauce we make, he will be irreplaceable and with potatoes and rice and spaghetti: who he loves. Curry sauce in butter with tomato paste (or tomatoes), mushrooms, cilantro … he’s so sweet, so fragrant with Oriental notes and sharpness. Put like not to lose the recipe. To prepare the sauce we need: – a Piece of butter 50gr – Multiple washed mushrooms chopped – 1/5 Cup chopped cilantro – 250g Flour – Tomato paste 200g Curry (I order the spice Curry from TRS) – Salt (if unsalted tomato paste) PREPARATION:1) IN a pre-heated pot put a knob of butter, melt it on low heat.2) Put the spice curry on low heat cook for a few just a sec, from 10 to 30. They are in the country of fragrant spices – India. So spice will give a flavor in oil and it becomes very fragrant.3) Increase the fire and immediately add the chopped mushrooms. Fry the mushrooms for 1-2 minutes so they are softened. Add a little salt to taste – only if your tomato paste is not salty. 4) Spread the tomato paste, fry for another 1-2 minutes on medium heat. And while the roasted tomato paste with Curry, we’ll take the flour and mix it with water 1:1, so to make a white sauce from flour. And pour it into the tomato paste. Flour always pre-diluted in water or milk – so there won’t be lumps in the sauce.5) Immediately add another half a Cup of water on medium heat bring our sauce until thick. Once the sauce is boiling – in half-minute it is ready. It’s simple: because flour regulates the process. If you put it too much and the sauce has thickened, do not be afraid – add water. If the sauce is too liquid when boiling – add one more spoonful of flour, pre-diluted in water and the sauce will take a great consistency! All. Our sauce is ready. It turned out so bright and flavorful! Sauce with the flavor of India to your table in just 10 minutes. And everyone’s favorite dish will be even tastier! With a unique Indian curry sauce. Served sauce-chutney with fresh cilantro. Such a fragrant aromatic with coriander and Oriental spices. This fabulous sauce will become your favorite! It is suitable for any dish.Put like if you enjoyed the video. Subscribe to the channel and press the bell to be aware of new interesting video. Until next time friends! Thanks for looking and be with me. Bye bye.New videos on the channel every day. My profile in Instagram Group on Facebook Group OK in a CURRY SAUCE WITH MUSHROOMS. INDIAN RECIPE CHUTNEY, AROMATIC SPICY SAUCE CURRY. Subscribe to the channel: Link to this video: Source: Ленка Пенка @ Youtube.

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