Cutlets of peas. EXPLOSIVE RECIPE!!! (Vegan)

Cooking recipe on the website: crisps that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside combine perfectly with fresh green lettuce and eggplant sauce. Such cutlets can be a suitable filling for a vegan burger and any meal for lunch. Pea improves the vital activity of intestinal microflora and promotes the production of B vitamins.For the first time, pea puree cutlets appeared in Egypt. They were fed by the pharaohs, believing that peas give them the power of earth. Pea cutlets are also seen in many cuisines of the Middle East, and even in some areas of the Middle East and North Africa.More recipes on the site : :Vk: : recipes on the site you for watching! Enjoy your meal 🙂 Source: Ropovka Kitchen @ Youtube.