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Delicate Summer Gratin with Minced meat for Lunch or Dinner

mouth-watering casserole with ground beef I love to cook in the summer. The texture of the zucchini doesn’t fall apart and holds the shape and at the same time is very gentle. The ground beef makes a hearty casserole that can be a great dinner or lunch.Follow the Simple recipe Facebook: Follow Simple recipe to my Instagram: casserole Recipe:zucchini – 2 stars – 300 salepropecia grass – 1 h perezcano – 1 tooth.semolina – 3 St layco – 1 styrophome – 2 stsar – 50 smetana – 2 St kubacki grate and salt. Prepare the minced meat, salt, pepper and add the herbes de Provence. The zucchini needs to be overcome from the extra juice. add the zucchini egg and semolina, stir.In the form put half of the pumpkin pulp, then the whole meat, sliced tomato and the remaining squash mixture. Brush the top with sour cream and bake for 35 minutes at 180C. Sprinkle casserole with cheese and bake for another 5 minutes.Bon appetit.#casserole #superantispware #beef #superantisyware #zucchini #abacovacations Source: Простой рецепт @ Youtube.

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