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Delicious BASMA in a cauldron from beef Video recipe at the stake

the Project is a SUMMER KITCHEN issue#17B this issue You will learn how to cook delicious Basma in the cauldron on the fire.In fact, the Basma is the steamed vegetables with the meat, requiring a minimum of Your participation and preparatory work – except that the fire under the cauldron to support it. The dish turns out very tasty, fragrant and very useful. This is one of the most any of my meals from the cauldron.This simple and delicious dish of beef with vegetables cooked in a cauldron. Basma cooked in a cauldron, it turns out very juicy, delicious and if you follow this recipe step by step.The recipe from the cauldron is as follows: first quickly fry the meat, then lay the vegetables in layers – onions, greens, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, eggplant, garlic, carrots, spices, potatoes. And put on the fire, and tormented for 2.5 hours. It’s very simple. Thinking what to cook in a cauldron or what to cook with beef and vegetables – BASMA in the cauldron is a great option.How to prepare tasty Basma, visit our website, where You will find this video step-by-step recipe with photos and a list of ingredients If You have any questions, You want to share your recipe or a topic for Useful tips, please contact: [email protected] (answers to the questions will come in next releases).About the PROJECT:Our project is devoted to cooking with fire. Here we will show you how to cook in a cauldron, grill, tandoori and Russian, but rather the Pompeian furnace. Dishes cooked using live fire (heat from coal) – are always of unmatched taste, aroma and energy. So we tell about it.OUR MISSION:- to provide clear and understandable step-by-step recipe that You could repeat it at home.- To tell about features selection and operation, of a tool summer kitchen, whether it’s a grill, tandoor, the cauldron, the cauldron oven, Pompeii oven separately or the whole complex barbecue and summer kitchen ready. And smaller tools, skewers, grill grid, ignition for grill, etc. All of our video recipes and simple recipes step by step with photos, You can easily find on OUR WEBSITE under recipes: Join us IN SOCIAL NETWORKS:VK: Instagram: Source: Ваш Мангал @ Youtube.

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