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DELICIOUS CAKE on KEFIR for 5 minutes. PASTRIES Every Day. COOK at HOME -Cooking club.

a Very simple cake recipe with kefir.Delicate, airy cake of the most affordable products in 5 minutes. Plus time for baking. Pie is one of those “in a hurry”. Prepared quickly, and eaten even faster. How to cook a pie on the yogurt. Simple pastries. Cupcake. Pastries every day . Cakes for tea.Ingredients:Eggs – 3 PCs Vegetable oil – 100 ml Kefir ( I have 2.5% fat) – 250 ml Sugar – 170 gr.Vanilla sugar – 1 tsp Salt – deputieslocal – 1.5 tsp. Flour – 200 gr. ( 1.5 cups)Raisins – 30 oz.The diameter of my form – 21 see Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for first 10 minutes, then reduce temperature to 160 degrees and to pester the pie, about 40 minutes. Check readiness of a wooden stick******In the video used the song Parkside Lebowitz, the author of the free YOUTUBE music library.#pie#Makefile#за5минут#baking#homemade#easy#recipe#cake#yummy#cooking#home#Thanks for watching, subscribe for my canal, put likes, my email address is [email protected] Source: Алла Зорина @ Youtube.

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