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DELICIOUS COOKIES MADE FROM MASHED POTATOES! Simple step-by-step recipe from Cook Together

A great recipe for potato cookies, which will help to “recycle” the rest of the mashed potatoes or cook it for a snack. In cookies, you can add a variety of spices: herbs, seeds to your taste. Paprika or a spoon of tomato puree will make the cookies very different in color. I sprinkled cinnamon and chocolate chips on the cookies, the aroma is amazing! Cookies fly away in a moment, like seeds.The Recipe Below under Video!!!***************ON MY CHANNEL THERE WILL BE MANY MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ***************Recipe:Oil — 150 gSugar — 200 gGinger (without top, can be slightly-slightly less) — 1 h. L. Cinnamon — 0.25 tspWheat flour / Flour — 2-2,5 stack.The leaven — 1 tsp.Mashed potatoes — 200-250 grEgg – 1 PC.[*************Look!!!!Put likes!!!Subscribe!!! Source: Стряпаем вместе @ Youtube.

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