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Delicious Filling Mushroom Pie/Pie Recipe with Mushrooms

This is a very tasty, tender,beautiful cakes,baked from dough. In the preparation will not take much time and the result is always happy! INGREDIENTS: Dough:1.Flour 250 gr.2.Butter 120 gr.3.Sour cream 15% 2 tbsp 4.Sugar 0.5 CH. l. 5.Pinch salt Filling:1.Mushrooms 500 gr.2.Onion 1 piece 3.Hard Cheese 100 gr.4.The 15% sour cream 2 tbsp 5.Eggs 2 pieces 6.Salt/Pepper вкусу7.Vegetable oil for frying 2-3 tbsp HOW to COOK? In a Bowl pour the sifted flour, add salt,sugar. In flour mixture RUB the chilled butter and triturated with your hands into fine crumbs. (see video) Then to the flour mixture add sour cream 2 tbsp and knead the dough. The batter should be thick, pliable and not sticky. The finished dough wrap film or package and refrigerate for 30 minutes.Chop the onion finely and fry in vegetable oil until light Browning. Then add the sliced mushrooms, fry until Golden brown. The mushrooms are ready remove from heat or turn off the stove. Add to the mushrooms grated cheese and stir. Once the cheese is melted, pour in the hot filling is sour cream mixed with eggs. Add salt/Pepper to taste. The Stuffing Is Ready!Take the dough out of the fridge. Distribute the dough over the baking dish (shape diameter 24 cm) form the sides of the cake. Pour the filling over the dough. Bake in preheated oven to 180 degrees 40-50 minutes.BON APPETIT!If the video recipe like the place to leave comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!Get Cashback for shopping online: #vkusnyashka#mypackagename#peroksisomy#typeclassopedia#domaslavice#salinospora#pastarecipe#receptionoist#killoren#progression Source: Готовим Дома с Люцией @ Youtube.

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