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Delicious GREEK SALAD ✧ FAST and HELPFUL! Victoria Subbotina

a Delicious GREEK SALAD – share a favorite recipe!Today cook delicious and healthy Greek salad. Very simple, quick and incredibly DELICIOUS!!! Try.Subscribe to the channel will be wholesome and delicious: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓GREEK SALADBAR per 100 g: 365/19/26/10.Ingredients: Tomatoes – 1 PC. Olives-pitted – 10 PCs. Sweet pepper – 1 piece Cucumber – 1 piece feta Cheese – 300 Krasny onion – 1 piece Olive oil – 1 tbsp, L. Leaves salutatory of organospecific to vosprijatija: wash the Vegetables, peel and chop the cucumber into rings, tomatoes and bell pepper slices. Feta cheese cut into cubes, red onion rings.Collect salad: on a plate put the lettuce, then cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, olives and cheese.Add the red onion, spices to taste.Drizzle the salad with olive oil and sprinkle dried oregano.You can sprinkle with lemon juice.Bon appetit._______________________________________________________________________★☆★ LINK TO ME AND USEFUL VIDEO ★☆★HARVESTING FOOD for a few DAYS or a WEEK – Recipes – healthy DESSERTS – PROCESSING FOOD for 3 days – VEGETARIAN RECIPES, eggless, GLUTEN – free BABY FOOD – VLOGS and WHAT I EAT – ✔ don’t forget to subscribe: ✔ Instagram: ✔ For cooperation: [email protected]#греческийсалат #PP #precept #to kakkumi Source: Victoria Subbotina @ Youtube.

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