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Delicious hot Pot with chicken and potatoes / Recipe pot with potatoes and chicken / Pots

Share the recipe of pots of chicken and potatoes.Ingredients:Potatoes – 350g.,Chicken – 350g.,Carrots – 1средняя,onion – 1средняя,Garlic – 1 clove (optional),Hard cheese – 150 gr.,Sour cream – 3st. spoon.Preparation:grind Garlic and mix with sour cream. Chicken fillet cut into cubes, add salt, pepper and spices to taste, stir and leave for 30-60 minutes, promarinovatsya. Potato peel, wash, cut into cubes, add salt, pepper and spices to taste, vegetable oil 2st. spoons and mix well. Next, fry on vegetable oil, chicken fillet until cooked and place in pots. Then fry the potatoes until cooked and also placed to the pots. Onions finely cut, carrots three on a grater, fry them in vegetable oil until tender and put into pots. 1/3 of the pot pour water. Cover the sour cream with garlic. Cover the pots with lids and put into a cold oven (so they don’t burst) bake at 190° 50-60 minutes. 20 minutes until cooked sprinkle with cheese. Pots ready.All a pleasant appetite. Source: Готовим вкусно с Юлией КоСер @ Youtube.

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